HASPone v1.01

HASPone firmware bug fixes and new features

HASPone v1.01 release

One huge advantage to utilizing blueprints is that the core software projects (ESP firmware, Nextion firmware, and the blueprints) are now mostly-decoupled, such that I can build smaller, more-frequent releases without impacting all the other stuff. We’ve had a few bugfixes in the ESP codebase, so I figured it’s time to release these changes in case anyone else encounters the bugs that have been addressed.

Expect this to be the pace of things in the future, more frequent, smaller updates that should be (in most cases) non-disruptive.

HASPone v1.01

New features

  • Add reboot on touch while waiting for WiFi or MQTT connect

Bug fixes

  • Remove MQTT and telnet loop process while handling Nextion ACKs
  • Prevent writes to EEPROM on WiFi init