Announcing HASPone!

Huge update - new name, and new everything else too.

Announcing HASPone!

This has been a long time in the making! This release brings us to a place where I think we’ve finally reached something we can call a 1.0 release. To celebrate, I’m changing the name of the project to HASPone. The new name comes with a new home in a new repository.

There are so many things new or different about this release that it’s hard to list them all. So first, let me start with the bad news: This update is going to break basically everything. Packages are gone, Blueprints are in, and with that comes the need to nuke your packages. The good news? Re-creating most of what you have today should be a breeze, and you can do it without once opening a code editor.

That’s right:


Some other highlights:

  • Massive performance and memory utilization improvements
  • Support for MQTT over TLS and accessing HTTPS servers for things like firmware updates
  • 8x speedup in LCD serial communication
  • Improved error checking and reporting
  • Tight integration with the Home Assistant device registry
  • No more packages, no more, no more code editors, and NO MORE YAML!

If you’ve deployed the dev release:

…you’ll need to wipe all of that out. Thanks for your help testing! Delete any automations created and delete any blueprints you’ve imported. There’s a whole new batch for you to work with in the HASPone release. Update the ESP and LCD firmware in the web administration page - there have been substantial changes between the 1.0 release and what you have been testing!

Update Home Assistant to 2021.3

HASPone is making use of several new features found in Home Assistant release 2021.3. Make sure you update Home Assistant before proceeding!

Upgrading to HASPone

Follow this guide to get your HASPs updated to HASPone.

After you’ve upgraded to HASPone

Check out this guide to deploying your first couple of blueprints. Once you’ve done this a few times the rest is easy!

Click here for the HASPone Discussion Forum

I suspect this will make everyone’s interaction with HASP (and each other) much easier to handle.

Finally - stay tuned! There is a lot more in store for the HASwitchPlate project and this release is only a part of what we have planned!