HASP v0.40

New fonts, new pages, new automations, new models, and some core code improvements

HASP v0.40 release

New fonts, new pages, new automations, new models, and some core code improvements

Nextion HMI

This release marks the first major update the Nextion HMI used by the HASP project.

  • Proportional fonts - Noto Sans has been added in 6 different sizes and styles
  • Anti-aliased fonts - The existing Consolas and Wingdings fonts, as well as the new Noto Sans font are now all anti-aliased.
  • FontAwesome icons - All free FontAwesome icon codepoints have been added to the Noto Sans fonts in the project, allowing mixed used of text and icons anywhere text is allowed.
  • Removed page 9 with graph component - A poll of users suggested this wasn’t being used and we gained a lot of RAM by removing it.
  • Added new page 9 with HVAC control demonstration
  • Added new page 10 with Ceiling Fan control demonstration
  • Added new page 11 with one large, blank button for future use
  • Removed QR code from page 0 - again, a memory saving feature. WiFi setup QR is now a static picture object.
  • Upgraded to Nextion firmware 1.60 - latest release as of this writing

Home Assistant Automations

Nearly too many to list but here are the major points:

  • Full compatibility with Lovelace UI
  • Color “theme” support with pull-down list of included themes
  • Interactive color select UI
  • Font select UI for page select buttons
  • Icons added to several pages
  • New automations for HVAC control
  • New automations for Ceiling Fan control
  • General compatibility and code cleanup

ESP8266 code v0.40

  • Improvement in WiFi performance and stability by disabling power save modes
  • Updates to better utilize new QR image and icon fonts
  • Add support for haptic or audio feedback device, thanks @benmprojects!
  • Add backlight reset button in web UI
  • Updated ESP8266 Arduino core to 2.6.3

Home Assistant Update Procedure

Run the deployhasp.sh script to pull down the updated automations using one of the guides below: