HASP v0.37

Stability and performance improvements

HASP v0.37 release

ESP8266 code v0.37

  • Updated ESP8266 Arduino core to 2.5.0, which comes will a whole truckload of stability and performance improvements
  • Major improvements for LCD firmware updates to improve reliability and update speed
  • Re-enable mDNS services with LEA MDNSResponder
  • Improve user experience when MQTT client cannot connect to broker

Home Assistant Automations

  • Updated JSON sensor to new format after changes in 0.85

ESP8266 Update Procedure

If you’re using the AutoFirmwareUpdate automation your devices should pull this update at 3:00am. Otherwise, log into the admin web page and you can pull the update from the firmware page.

Home Assistant Update Procedure

Run the deployhasp.sh script to pull down the updated automations using one of the guides below: