HASP v0.35 - Accelerating the goodness

New features, new PCB, and better performance

ESP8266 code v0.35

  • LCD serial IO is now asynchronous, resulting in better reliability, performance, and shorter boot times
  • Improve LCD connection process to better handle different models, disconnected device, and wrong serial speed
  • LCD firmware update process now fully supports TJC LCD panels
  • Changes to status update JSON to reduce memory problems and report more information back to the user
  • Better handling of LCD reset process
  • Better handling of WiFi disconnection/reconnection to be less disruptive to the user
  • Update binary compiled with ESP8266 2.5.0b3 for improved performance and several bugfixes in HTTP handling

Home Assistant Automations

3D printable models

  • Several minor updates to improve LCD fit and to provide more space between LCD and PSU when assembled


  • New PCB with two additional parts (one 2N3904 NPN Transistor and one 1k Ohm Resistor) to allow HASP to control the power supplied to the LCD. If an LCD firmware update fails for whatever reason, HASP can now power cycle the LCD in order to retry the LCD update without having to pull the device out of the wall or throw a circuit breaker.
  • The new PCB now also allows place of the existing AC PSU along with 3 new DC-DC power supply options, allowing HASP to be powered from 85-305VAC or 9-75 VDC!

ESP8266 Update Procedure

If you’re using the AutoFirmwareUpdate automation your devices should pull this update at 3:00am. Otherwise, log into the admin web page and you can pull the update from the firmware page.

Home Assistant Update Procedure

Run the deployhasp.sh script to pull down the updated automations using one of the guides below: