HASP v0.33 - It's More Good

Some minor fixes for various issues brought up by the user community.

ESP8266 code v0.33

  • Increase max MQTT message size to 4k
  • Add command/json MQTT command. Send a JSON array in the message payload like ["dim=5", "page 1"] and each item in the array will be executed as an individual command. This allows batching up several commands into one message, which may improve performance. Message size is limited to 4k.
  • Better input validation on web forms (thanks @m14t!)
  • Convert UTF-8 values to extended ASCII as Nextion doesn’t support them. Now we can use ° in our automations!

Home Assistant Automations

  • Massive reduction in MQTT traffic with the help of the JSON capabilities listed above. Automations that triggered loads of published message now trigger far fewer.
  • Snuck a ° in the weather automation. For demo purposes we’re using the Met.no component as it doesn’t require individual API keys. Sadly, it also doesn’t have a unit_of_measurement attribute. For other weather providers, you’ll probably want to change the automation to read something like ``


  • Minor change to indicate acceptable devicename characters to the user

ESP8266 Update Procedure

If you’re using the AutoFirmwareUpdate automation your devices should pull this update at 3:00am. Otherwise, log into the admin web page and you can pull the update from the firmware page.

Home Assistant Update Procedure

Run the deployhasp.sh script to pull down the updated automations.