DDD Printable Wall Control System

3D printable modular mounting system for Wall Control pegboards

DDD Printable Wall Control System

Installed DDD Printable Wall Control System

The DDD Printable Wall Control project provides a wide range of modular pegboard hangers for use with the Wall Control powder-coated steel pegboard solutions available on Amazon. After much research I landed on Wall Control as a durable, high-strength and low-price organization solution which works with existing 1/4” standard pegboard pegs. The panels also add 1” slots which allows for greater strength and rigidity for compatible hangers. I’ve found their panels to be inexpensive, well-made, and available in a range of colors and sizes.

Wall Control sells a line of high quality hanger accessories compatible with these slots and I’ve found them to be reasonably priced and of good quality. However, printed solutions can offer a highly-customized solutions made at home for your own organization needs and can do so quickly and inexpensively. One might consider leveraging both solutions as needs arise.

DDD Printable Wall Control Designs

The DDD Printable Wall Control collection is designed for easy printability, with all parts provided in a printable orientation and no supports should required. The Quickhooks series are fast-printing models for lightweight use cases. Sidepieces and Centerpieces snap together to create strong, modular hanger solutions.

Quickhooks are fast-printing, two part hook/hanger solutions designed for quick and easy printing for lightweight use cases. Available in a range of sizes.
Sidepieces are designed with a hook that catches into the Wall Control slots. Sidepieces extend out from the wall and come in a variety of lengths and shapes, and are offered in left/right/center variations.
Centerpieces are designed to mount between a pair of sidepieces. Centerpieces are designed to create custom hook, shelf, or hangar solutions which can snap into place between a variety of sidepieces. Some centerpiece models offer an additional locking feature which allows for completely rigid connections to a Wall Control panel.

Using DDD Printable Wall Control

The simplest use case to create a single hook might involve a sidepiece along with a retainer to help keep the part in place in the slot. Most use cases will involve a left/right combination of sidepieces, with a centerpiece in the middle to create a modular hanging solution with interchangeable snap-fit parts.

The parts are designed with a press-fit, one can use a vice or clamps to force the parts together. The final fit will be determined by the calibration of your printer, if anything is loose you can add a drop of glue to keep parts held tightly.

Locking Wall Control parts

Several Centerpiece models offer a locking feature based on a fantastic idea from Seth Altobelli. A locking screw can be printed and screwed into these models to provide a solid, positive-lock fit with the Wall Control system. A locked part is fully constrained and will not move while hanging or removing a tool which greatly improves the experience over traditional pegboard offerings.

The locking screw uses a 1/4” square drive, same as one would use to drive a 1/4” drive socket.

About powder coated Wall Control Panels

Wall control panels are available in a range of colors or as a simple unpainted, steel sheet. The slots cut in the plain steel panels are slightly wider than those in the powder coated panels due to the thickness of the paint itself. The catches in these models are designed to attach firmly to the powder coated panels, while unpainted panels might have a little more play due to the difference in thickness. If your assembled part doesn’t fit tight, try including one of the locking parts to ensure a secure fit.